Piano Trio – A to G

  • These Tracks are Piano + Bass + Drums – PBD.    (El-P is Fender-Rhodes electric piano.)
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3= 3,6, 9
2-5-1-6 in C PBD 100S100
2-5-1-6 in Cm PBD 100S100
2-5-1-6 in F PBD 100S100
2-5-1-6 in Fm PBD 100S100
A Foggy Day PBD 125S125
Afro Blue (Swing) PBD 170 4in3170
Alfie's Theme PBD 140 4-inS140
All Blues PBD 138 4-in3138
All Blues PBD 142 4-in3142
All My Tomorrows PBD 72 4inS72
All of Me PBD 150 4-inS150
All of You (Even) PBD 130 4-inE130
All of You PBD 130 4-inS130
All the Things UR Even El-PBD130 8inE130
All the Things UR Even PBD 125 4-inE125
All the Things UR-Fusion-El-PBD 130 4inE130
All the Things You Are PBD 200 4-inS200
All the Things You Are PBD 240 4-inS240
Alone Together Dm PBD 125S125
Alone Together PBD 205 4-inS205
Along Came Betty El-PBD Fusion 128 4inE128
Along Came Betty PBD 128S128
Along Came Betty PBD Even 130 4inE130
Autumn Leaves Bb PBD 180 4-inS180
Autumn Leaves Bb PBD 250S250
Autumn Leaves Bb PBD EV250 4-inE250
Autumn Leaves G PBD 200 4inS200
Back At The Chicken Shack PBD 140 4-inE140
Bb Blues PBD 180 4-inS180
Bb Blues PBD 200 4-inS200
Bb Blues PBD 240 4-inS240
Beatrice (Fusion) PBD 128 4-inE128
Beatrice F PBD 124S124
Beautiful Love Dm PBD 125S125
Black Narcissus PBD 130 4-in3130
Black Orpheus PBD 150 4-inE150
Blue Bossa Cm PBD 220 4-inE220
Blue Bossa Cm PBD 230 4-inE230
Blue in Green PBD 60S60
Blue Trane El-PBD 132 4-inS132
Blue Trane PBD 136 4-inS136
Blues for Alice PBD 175 4 inS175
Bluesette PBD 160 8 in3160
Bluesette PBD El-PBD 170 8 in3170
By Bye Blackbird PBD 200 4-inS200
Cantaloupe Island PBD 125 4inE125
Caravan PBD 240 4-inE240
Caravan PBD Fm 160 4-inE160
Chan’s Song PBD 62S62
Cheesecake PBD 192 4-inS192
Cherokee PBD 255 4-inS255
Corcovado Baion PBD 125 8-inE125
Corcovado PBD 120 4-InE120
Cry Me a River PBD 62S62
Dave Mooney - A Girl for all Seasons PBD 124 4inS124
Dave Mooney - Wrinkles PBD 216 4inE216
Days of Wine & Roses PBD 160S160
Dexter Gordon - Evergreenish PBD 180 12inS180
Dolphin Dance El-PBD 122 8inS122
Dolphin Dance Fusion PBD 124 4-inE124
Dolphin Dance PBD 120S120
Donna Lee PBD 205 4-inS205
Effendi PBD 210 4inS210
El Gaucho PBD 190 4-InE190
Epistrophy PBD 175 4 inS175
Estate PBD 128 4inE128
Everything Happens to Me Bb PBD 65S65
F Blues PBD 140 4-inS140
F Blues PBD 160 4-inS160
F Blues PBD 180 4-InS180
F Blues PBD 200 4-inS200
F Blues PBD 220 4-inS220
F Blues PBD 230 4-inS230
F Blues PBD 265 4-inS265
Five Hundred Miles High Em PBD 130 4-inE130
Footprints PBD 170 8in3170
Footprints PBD 210 4-in3210
For All We Know Eb PBD 90S90
Four on Six PBD 230 4-inS230
Four on Six PBD 232 4-inS232
Four PBD 200 4inS200
Four PBD 235 4-inS235
Freddie Freeloader PBD 110S110
Full House PBD 180 4-in3180
Giant Steps (J_Funk) PBD 220E220
Giant Steps (Samba) PBD 200 4-inE200
Giant Steps PBD 210 4inS210
Giant Steps PBD 240 4-inS240
Green Dolphin St C PBD 160 4-InE160