Piano Trio – O to Z

  • These Tracks are Piano + Bass + Drums – PBD. (El-P is Fender-Rhodes electric piano.)
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3= In 3, 6 or 9
Old Folks PBD 64S64
On a Misty Night PBD 132S132
Ornithology PBD 212 4inS212
Out of Nowhere PBD 180 4-inS180
Paradox PBD 240 8inS240
Passion Dance PBD 240 4inS240
Pat Metheny - Extradition El-PBD 156 8in3156
Pat Metheny - Extradition PBD 156 8in3156
Pepper Adams - Civilization & its Discontents PBD 56 4inS56
Pepper Adams - Claudette's Way PBD 1263126
Recordame PBD 132 4-inE132
Rhythm Changes PBD 190 4-inS190
Rhythm Changes PBD 240 4-inS240
Rhythm Changes PBD 250 4-inS250
Rhythm Changes PBD Even 180 4-inE180
Road Song PBD 120 4-inE120
Round Midnight PBD 60S60
Satin Doll PBD 135 4-inS135
Seamus Blake - Fear of Roaming PBD 132 8inS132
Silvers Serenade PBD 116 4inE116
Simone PBD 160 8-in3160
So What PBD140 8-inS140
So What PBD 200 8-inS200
So What PBD 204 8-inS204
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise PBD 180 4 InS180
Softly as in a Morning Sunrise-Fusion PBD 128 4-inE128
Solar PBD 220 4-InS220
Solar PBD 240 4-inS240
Song for My Father PBD 125 4-InE125
Sonnymoon for Two PBD 130 4inS130
Sophisticated Lady Abmaj PBD 60S60
Sophisticated Lady Emaj PBD 60S60
Speak Low PBD 190 4-inE190
St Thomas PBD 175 4inE175
Stella by Starlight El-PBD 212 4-inS212
Stella by Starlight PBD 125 4-inS125
Stella by Starlight PBD 195 4-inS195
Stella by Starlight PBD 200 4-inS200
Stella by Starlight PBD 215 4-inS215
Stolen Moments PBD 124 (2xhead - 16xch - 2xhead)S124
Stormy Weather PBD 75S75
Sugar El-PBD 120 4inS120
Sugar PBD 120 4-inS120
Summertime Am PBD 140 4inS140
Summertime Dm PBD 140 4inS140
Sunny El-PBD 128 4inE130
Sunny PBD 128 4-inE128
Take Five PBD 140 4in5140
Take the A Train 200 PBD 4-inS200
Tenderly PBD 70S70
The Nearness of You PBD 125S125
The Way You Look Tonight Eb PBD 72 4-inS72
The Way You Look Tonight PBD 215 4-inS215
The Way You Look Tonight PBD 230 4-inS230
There is No Greater Love PBD 180 4-inS180
There is No Greater Love PBD 190 4inS190
There is No Greater Love PBD 210 4inS210
There Will Never Be Another You Eb PBD 224 4-inS224
There will Never Be Another You PBD 220 4-inS220
This I Dig of You PBD 240 4-inS240
To Wisdom the Prize PBD 150 8-inE150
Turnaround PBD 124 4-inS124
Ugetsu (Fantasy in D) PBD 252 8-inE252
What is this Thing Called Love C 225 PBD 4-inS225
What is this Thing Called Love PBD 235 4-inS235
Whats New PBD 62S62
Whats New PBD 116 Fusion 4-inE116
Whisper Not PBD 132S132
Windows PBD 170 4in3170
Witch Hunt PBD 190 4-inS190
Work Song PBD 150 4-inS150
Yardbird Suite PBD 200 4-inS200
Yes and No PBD 230 4-inS230
Yesterdays PBD 112 4-inS112
Yesterdays PBD 215 4-inS215
Yesterdays PBD 230 4-inS230