Piano Trio – H to N

  • These Tracks are Piano + Bass + Drums – PBD. (El-P is Fender-Rhodes electric piano.)
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3= In 3, 6 or 9
Harlem Nocturne Cm PBD 65 4-inS65
Have you met Miss Jones PBD 200 4-inS200
How Deep is the Ocean Cm PBD 150 4-inS150
How High The Moon PBD 210 4-inS210
How Insensitive PBD 126 4inE126
How Insensitive PBD 160 4-inE160
How Insensitive PBD 220 4-inE220
I Fall in Love Too Easily PBD 64S64
I Fall in Love Too Easily PBD 110E110
I Loves You Porgy PBD 64S64
I Should Care PBD 60S60
I'll Be Seeing You PBD 135 4inS135
I'll Remember April PBD 225 8-inS225
I'll Remember April-Rock PBD 130 8-inE130
Impressions Dm PBD 256 4-InS256
In Your Own Sweet Way (Even) PBD 128E128
In Your Own Sweet Way Bb PBD 124 4-inS124
Invitation Bb PBD 200 4-inS200
Invitation PBD 212 4-inS212
It Don't Mean a Thing PBD 240 4-inS240
Jeannine PBD 220 4-inS220
Jody Grind PBD 148 4inE148
Jonathan Kreisberg - New for Now El-PBD 262 4inS262
Jonathan Kreisberg - Strange Resolutions PBD 122 4inS122
Joshua Redman - Soul Dance PBD 170 4in3170
Just Friends PBD 180 4-inS180
Just Friends PBD 200 4-inS200
Killer Joe Funk PBD 126 4inE126
Killer Joe PBD 125S125
Kurt Rosenwinkel - A Shifting Design PBD 244 4inS244
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Chords PBD 9012/890
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Kurt #1 PBD 120 4inE120
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Minor Blues PBD 135 4-inE135
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Minor Blues PBD 150 4inE150
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Our Secret World PBD 116E116
Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Cross El-PBD 234 8in3234
Kurt Rosenwinkel - The Cross PBD 234 8in3234
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Use of Light PBD 104 4inE104
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Zhivago PBD 190 8in3190
Kurt Rosenwinkel - Zhivago PBD 225 8-in3225
Lage Lund - 12 Beats PBD 126 4inS126
Lage Lund - Old Horsey PBD 170 8in3170
Lage Lund - The Incredibly Profound Song PBD 160 4inS160
Lage Lund - Tokyo PBD 132 4inE132
Lazybird El-PBD 232 8inS232
Lazybird PBD 240 4-inS240
Lazybird PBD 245S245
Little Sunflower PBD 130 4-inE130
Love for Sale PBD 200 4 inE200
Mac Tough (Pat Martino) PBD 240 4-inE240
Maiden Voyage Chill-out El-PBD 126 4inE126
Maiden Voyage PBD 128 8inE128
Michel Petrucciani - Bite PBD 260 8-inE260
Michel Petrucciani - Home PBD 130 4-inE130
Michel Petrucciani - Little Peace in C PBD 224 4inS224
Michel Petrucciani - Looking Up PBD 240 8-inE240
Michel Petrucciani - Lullaby PBD 1403140
Michel Petrucciani - Memories of Paris PBD 60S60
Midnight Voyage PBD 122S122
Mike Moreno - Road Song PBD 162 8in3162
Mike Moreno - Street Lights El-PBD 256 4inS256
Mike Moreno - Street Lights PBD 256 4inS256
Mike Moreno - World of Marionettes PBD 152 16in3152
Milestones PBD 230 4inS230
Moment's Notice PBD 205 4-inS205
Moon Alley PBD 126E126
My Favourite Things PBD 220 4-in3220
My Funny Valentine Cm PBD 60S60
My Funny Valentine PBD 92S92
My Little Suede Shoes PBD 148 4inE148
My Romance Bb PBD 125S125
Naima PBD 63S63
Nardis PBD 158 4inS158
Nature Boy PBD 120 4-inE120
Never Let Me Go PBD 60S60
Never Let Me Go PBD 112E112
Night and Day C PBD 160 4-inS160
Night in Tunisia PBD 180 8-inE180