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Real Jazz Tracks are created – and used – by Andy Batkin, a life-long jazz fan and guitarist based in Brighton, whose peripatetic lifestyle has always screwed up getting a regular band together.

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    Useful links

    Brighton Jazz School – The growing community of learners and fans in Sussex, UK – including Wayne McConnell’s great Jazz Podcast
    Audacity – Useful audio-editor – and free!
    GrooveMonkee – Excellent range of flexible drum midi-loops from Chicago.
    Modartt – Toulouse company making great Steinway & Fender-Rhodes ‘Pianoteq’ piano VSTi’s.
    OddGrooves – Funky jazz, latin & modern grooves by Magnus Brandell, from excellent small firm outside Stockholm
    PG Music – The brilliantly innovative Vancouver firm who make so much possible if harmonic-movement is your thing
    Platinum Samples – In California, with some nice jazz drumming midi-loops
    Reaper – Excellent and decently-priced DAW, with lots of VST add-ons included
    Sonivox – Massachusetts firm with excellent string-bass samples
    Toontrack – Some great modern swing & even midi loops by Morgan Agren from Swedish firm
    XLN Audio – In Sweden, who make the software for great-sounding jazz drums