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Learning to play jazz is tough. Backing Tracks make it easier and more fun. They help you keep time and hear how you sound against the chord changes. But the backing must sound Real - not like a cheap midi-synthesiser or drum-machine.

  • RealJazzTracks are MP3 jazz backing tracks. Clever software blends together phrases recorded by top jazz pro's into a complete Track that sounds like a real studio recording. Click on the pics to see some of the musicians.

  • Hundreds of Tracks, about 12 minutes long, with chord-charts, and different line-ups, are ready for immediate download. Individual Tracks, except drums-only, are £2.99.

  • Buy 6 or more Tracks and get a 33% discount. That's 6 Tracks for £12.02

  • ♫ To Listen to Samples and Download Tracks:

    • From the Choose Line-Up tab above, select the backing instruments you want. You can sort the Tracks by Name, Style or Tempo.

    • Standards are in alphabetical order. More modern compositions - by Michel Petrucciani, Kurt Rosenwinkel, Mike Moreno, Jonathan Kreisberg, Dave Mooney, Lage Lund etc - are alphabetical under their first name.

    • Listen to the Samples. Click Buy on the Tracks you want. Go to the Checkout Tab. Pay with PayPal, and you'll receive a Purchase Receipt with the download links for your tracks after a minute or so.

    • No need to register. No forms to fill in. You can also request Custom-Made Tracks. Click the FAQ Tab for more information.

    ♫ Feedback

    Really enjoying your backing tracks. Is it possible to get the following PBD tracks converted to BD?... ... ... Great, thanks Andy. SS May 2015

    Brill, ta!! Number 2 is spot on… Hope it wasn't hard to do? Might have some more if thats ok at some point? CB May 2015

    Hi Andy, as always it is a very good track. I've just paid for it. FA March 2015

    Thank you so much for replying so quickly and helpfully, I had felt a bit cheeky asking. But that's great, makes perfect sense, and as you say pretty straight forward! and works perfectly. Hurrah... I owe you one! Thanks again... BH March 2015

    The Christmas Song that you attached is great! I would love to play that song. GM Jan 2015

    It's good, thanks very much. CE Oct 2014

    Hi Andy, Thanks for the tracks, they sound great. CE, Maryland, Oct 2014

    I will be downloading more tracks from you in the future in order to improve my confidence before pulling a band together. Thank you so much for this great service 🙂 Very best wishes. JS, UK, Sept 2014

    Thanks Andy, Dindi seems much better to my ears now for sure, S’wonderful is really nice too! Can we just fix the end of S’wonderful? .....Would be great. Otherwise perfect! GN, Melbourne, August 2014

    C'est super! Bravo. Bon travail Andy !!!!!! ...Mais c'est sur que c'est beaucoup mieux, c'est beaucoup plus plus credible /cela sonne vraiment tres bien comme ca, bravo bravo et merci pour ton serieux... PF, Marseille, April/May 2014

    Thank you! Love them. It is so nice for a singer to have good quality "true" sounding backing tracks! MG, April 2014

    The backingtrack is really very good. Congratulations for the good work! MJ, March 2014

    I've listened to tracks from several other vendors and found them to be too 'midi' sounding OR they were monotonous and didn't groove like yours. Well done! JF, Cary NC USA, March 2014

    Thank-you so much for sending the track so quickly, I really appreciate it. This is a great way to get quality tracks and it's great working with you. CB, Maryland USA, Jan 2014

    Hey Andy, Sounds GREAT! So cool to hear these grooves in a different context...I'm putting this on our website if it's OK with you. PE, Oddgrooves, Sweden, Dec 2013

    Beautiful work. ..thank you! CS, UK, Nov 2013

    Hey, that's not bad! Great for practising the song to. Thanks a lot Andy OT, Nov 2013

    Hi Andy. Yes that’s nice thanks. I have sent some dosh. MF, Darwin, Nov 2013

    That sounds great, the exact arrangement isn't as important as the groove and that's definitely in there. Please, let me know how much I owe you. Thanks. DB, UK, Nov 2013

    Hi Andy, This is great! Exactly what I'm looking for. I guess I would need 10 choruses and then the rests at the end of the track.... SB, Oct 2013

    Got it with thanks. I will have a few more for you later in the week. Many thanks for a fine job, and may I say, this is an absolutely brilliant idea and I hope it's already an outstanding success with more to come. RM, Toronto, Feb 2013

    Thanks for your fast response! iv just received my funny valentine, i loved the demos of the tracks online and will hopefully be ordering more soon, thanks again. DP, Feb 2013

    Your track are very fine, the best I found until now. AF, Italy, Jan 2013

    …also, because the quality of sound, I repeat one more time, is simply real ! LR, Italy, Jan 2013

    Everybody involved really liked Even-1…. with the Steinway, it's got more character and is obviously more "real"…..So far, a big thanks from us ….. MG, Munich, Nov 2012

    I'm a guitarist looking to practise comping, so the tracks with just bass and drums are excellent. Great quality. The track you just sent me is perfect, thank you! JW, June 2012
Peter Erskine

Neil Swainson

Kenny Barron

Morgan Agren

Lewis Nash

MIles Black

Ron Carter

Magnus Brandell

Mike LeDonne

Terry Clarke

Jodi Proznick

Ricky Lawson

Craig Scott